• You two are fast becoming my favorite collaborative team to study and enjoy! Please convey cudos to Keith, and for heaven’s sake – congratulations to you! Coming to a country near you in the spring – we’ll have to arrange a shoot! Vince

  • These are great shots. My favorites are 2,3,4,7,9,12,13,and 21; the one I love best. The expression on your face really adds to the energy.

  • Great images, and while you don’t have dance training you do have the spatial awareness to know where your limbs are and know what looks good, which is a trait you share with dancers.

    My favourite is no 13, hopefully not unlucky 🙂

  • Scott from midwest USA

    These are great. They look fun but I’m sure that they were tiring. My favorites are 8 & 21. Love your expresssions.

  • Great set I love 2,8 and 13 my Fav of Fav’s is 13 it is such a beautiful circle magic and love 22 that is you……giving your all. 🙂

  • Great, as usual!
    Excellent work!
    My favorites are the 2 and the 18, but all are fantastic.

  • Pix

    Some of these are mesmerizing (I mean, they are all lovely, but some I’ve stared at for ages.) And I love the last one. Haha. You have an excellent sense of humor.

  • Anonymous

    all great

  • Anonymous

    Wha, fantastic set of pictures.
    Especially numb 4, 5, 8 and 21+++. Last one is funny too.

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