Thank you for your interest in creating remotely!

This alternative method of working together from afar may sound like an odd, impossible concept. At first I thought so too. How can you possibly achieve high quality results and be truly in your role as photographer when you’re miles away from your subject?

Well – I have tried it from both sides and I’m SO impressed by what’s possible. The key is in the communication and collaboration. Making a picture in this method is different, but you still have a very active role, and a huge amount of control and choice in the process. It is a challenging exploration of artistry, fusing the experience of model and photographer in a unique and considered way.


Here are some of the stunning results created so far, and you can view more here > REMOTE GALLERY


A quick background on me…

If you’re new to connecting with me, I’ve been working as a model for over 17  years, after studying Fine Art and following a passion for eye-catching and evocative imagery. I work in portrait, fashion and fine art genres, for photographers, artists and designers. I have also worked on my own photography for over a decade, which gives me helpful insight and compassion to make the most of this technique. I pride myself in keeping a positive nature, collaborating on ideas, and helping each individual I work with to achieve their aims and vision, whatever their level of experience. Modelling has been an incredibly rewarding journey so far, allowing me to meet so many wonderful people, and travel far and wide, but due to being locked down and grounded, all my tours and events were put on hold, so I’ve been exploring this alternative, innovative way of working with fellow creatives, since last April 2020.


What is this wizardry?

In a nutshell – I tether my camera to my laptop, then share my screen and YOU can control the camera, see what the lens sees via live view, take full resolution images, and we orchestrate the shoot over video call. The jpeg and RAW images are sent to you after the session to download and edit in your own way.


Below is an example of the Canon Utilities control panel with live view that will be shared to your computer, featuring drop-down menus to change the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and move-able box to fix the focus where you want it…



I strive to make the experience as productive and enjoyable as possible, for us both – this is a wonderful way to connect is these more isolated times afterall. The remote process is a bit slower but the advantage is we can take more time to refine images to be their best. Whether you’re in the next town from me or on the other side of the world from me – we can create together in real time and build images that are totally yours! Pretty damn clever, and quite magic really.


~ Testimonials ~

Ivory Flame is a joy to work with and was able to translate my directions and what I was looking for superbly. Her expertise and experience as an international model shows in the results and I’m immensely happy with my photographs from the shoot. I would thoroughly recommend contacting Ivory Flame to chat about a remote shoot and how it could work for you.” – Julie Cochoron, Ireland

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I was quite sceptical about this type of shooting initially, but I have to say it was remarkably easy and straightforward. Highly recommended!” – Ross McKelvey

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Ivory Flame today via remote shoot from her beautiful home. Her pre-comms were exceptional and even though this was my first remote shoot as a photographer, her guidance and patience put me at ease right away. We experimented with movement, colour and light and the stunning results are thanks to Ivory’s impeccable professionalism, eye for detail and creative flare.” – Lena Selkin Photography, UK

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“This was my first shoot with Ivory Flame and my first remote shoot. All I needed was to download a piece of software that allowed me to control her camera. The pre-shoot comm’s were excellent and at the appointed time Ivory called me and I started the software ready to accept a login and password to allow me to control all the camera settings and take the pictures. Ivory gave me a guided tour of the controls and then we were ready to shoot. Ivory has a great range of props, costumes and backdrops which I had previously chosen a selection for the shoot. I was interested in experimental and movement and Ivory was brilliant at coming up with the perfect poses with just the right movement. She is a highly talented and experienced model with classical looks and hair perfect for the classical, pre-Raphaelite images I was aiming for.

I have to say the the whole experience was far better than I could have imagined resulting in pictures that I have only been dreaming of. Ivory’s input was perfect and critical for the success of the shoot. I cannot praise her enough and highly recommend her to all photographers. I am certainly looking to do a second shoot and continue with exploring more experimental approaches and I am now an advocate of remote shoots because of my experience with Ivory.” – RLux, UK

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I supply:
myself and my experience, my home location, studio backdrops, furniture and props, styling, full frame camera, lenses, tripods, laptop, tethering, liveview software.

What does the photographer need?

1. A wifi connection (even slower ones seem to work)
2. Download the free Zoom software to your computer or laptop – no sign up needed (this is how you will see my screen, control the camera settings and view what the lens sees in real time).
3. WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger on your mobile/cell phone to communicate via video call during the photoshoot (I find this allows for clearer audio and a second contextual view of my shooting space)

What is the process?

Here is the process if you booked a remote photoshoot with me…
– A date and time is scheduled, and deposit paid. We discuss plans, aims and inspiration over a few emails.
– Ahead of our session I provide you with the Zoom link. Through this screen-sharing you will see what the camera lens sees in live time.
– On your first remote session I give an extra 15 minutes to introduce you to the controls and make sure it’s all running smoothly.
– You will have full control over all the settings and pressing the shutter button, with my DSLR camera tethered to my laptop.
– During the shoot we communicate via video call, firstly for a friendly intro chat, then I mount my phone to a second tripod beside the camera, which allows for a wider, contextual view of my shooting space, and for you to feel a bit more ‘in the room’.
– You can give me direction or suggestions to get the angle/height of the tripod, composition and framing to your liking, and we can work together on the ideas, posing and styling for a complete collaboration!
– We can pause and takes breaks, review the images, chat and build rapport like a ‘normal’ shoot.
– After the session, I upload the RAW and jpeg images to a Dropbox folder (this usually takes a few hours depending on how many images we took) and provide the link once the upload is complete (you don’t need a Dropbox account, you can do a simple direct download)
– You can then edit the images in your own way. Voilà!

Worried about the technical stuff?

Do not fear – if anyone is a self-professed ‘technophobe’ I can still guide you through shooting remotely and you’ll be in the flow before you know it!  You may be surprised how simple and easy it is (the majority of the tech-stuff is sorted already on my side) I have had no problems so far showing anyone how it works, and most people excitedly come back to try more!



TO BE UPDATED (I now have a new, wider living room space to shoot)


My shooting space and camera equipment.


Full Frame Canon 6D Camera
Canon 50mm f1.4
Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L Zoom
Canon 100mm f2.8 L USM Macro (great for close portraits)
50mm Lensbaby 3G (seldom used for remote but can be fun for experimental, surreal images!)
Spare fully charged batteries


– Beautiful natural window light – currently best between 9am – 5pm (GMT London time)
– Medium size Softbox with daylight bulbs for soft or dramatic lighting effects.
– LED lamp with changeable colours and GVM RGB video light on stand
– Pink neon tube to use as a colourful side light (off camera) or hold as a prop.
– Medium size Reflector with white, silver, gold and black sides.



Each have their own range of variations with different lighting, layering and editing techniques.


Vintage Wallpaper Backdrop – 2m x 2.3m (wall sized)


Teal Backdrop (2m x 3m)

(Image credits: Michael E Photography, Jonathan Hill)


Rustic Backdrop (2m x 3m)

(Right side image: Keith Klitses)

Sunrise / Sunset Backdrop – 2m x 3.75m (full length)

Dark Grey / Almost Black Backdrop – 2m x 3.75 (Full Length)

(Image credits: middle: David Gibson, right: Tony Mulvenna)


Dark Red Backdrop (2m x 2m)

(Right side image: Andy Green)


Orange Backdrop (1.5 m x 2 m – good for 3/4 length and portraits)

Centre image: In Search of That Perfect Shot


Dark Purple Backdrop (2m x 2m)

(Image credits: Howard Tarragon, Riks Pixels)

Green Grunge Backdrop (hand-painted)

(Images by Derek Noble and Geir Hellevik)


(Images by Sarah D Photography and Bill Laurence)

Seating options:

Green rococo chair, a shabby chic wooden chair and large black ottoman (for semi-reclined, draped poses with fabric over it or sculptural nudes).

There’s also a wooden trunk, lanterns, plants, rugs, moroccan table, and many other small props and ornaments. I can construct flowing fabrics to hang above, and feel free to send me any set-design/conceptual challenges! (More details are below in the Concepts and Wardrobe section)



NEW OPTION – I can move my sofa by the window, cover it in fabrics, and can also pull it out as a sofa bed – effectively making a bed / boudoir set right by the window. Multiple colour schemes possible. Please note I need advance notice to arrange it, and advise we spend a minimum 1 hour working on the sofa / bed set, and you allow 10-15 mins for it to be moved away and the space cleared if you wish to do other things too.




The below images show the daylight lamp softbox which can be placed on a stand or hung from different ceiling points, and mixed with other continuous lighting (lamp behind for glow, or LED lights for added colour)…

(centre image by Andy Shears, right image by Ross McKelvey)


How much can be achieved per booking?

As a general guide for my set-up I suggest 1-2 concepts/genres/backgrounds per each hour you book (2, 3 and 4 hours available).
Within each concept we can try out different angles, crops, lighting and adjustments to the background and styling. Please bear in mind, although it only takes a few minutes to change the backdrop, it does take longer to move in furniture, build new sets, and change from one style to another in terms of clothing/accessories/make-up and mood, so don’t forget to leave some time for this in your shoot plan.

If you would like a more elaborate background, I’m happy to pre-build parts of a set in advance, but then we can also use your input and opinions to refine the details (choosing fabrics, ornaments, clothing etc) as we build something together to our combined taste and vision.



These remote shoots really can be ANYTHING you make them, I’d love to hear your suggestions. A few options below to get your imagination going… and don’t forget to look in my REMOTE portfolio gallery for examples of what’s possible, and to suggest your concepts and ideas too.

– Simple portraits against a dark or light backdrop.
– Luxurious boudoir sets
– Historical, mythical or art-inspired themes
– Classical or dynamic nude shapes
– Slow shutter speeds with movement and blur.
– Vibrant/quirky fashion
– Futuristic/cinematic looks with LED lighting
– Reflections and rain effect on large clear acrylic sheet.
– Experimental effects in front of the lens – using crystals, ribbon, glass bottles, plastic, autumn leaves, etc.
– Darker, haunting, emotive themes
– Bohemian/gypsy looks
– Vintage or old hollywood style.
– Plain background with a variety of poses for digital artwork/composites.
– Custom reference images for artists
– It’s also possible to create film, polaroid or wetplate from exposing from the screen – either in live time or from the digital images after the session. Such an exciting fusion of old and new techniques!


I’m in the process of making a folder featuring all of the outfits and accessories I have available for shoots for easy viewing. The collection includes…
~ Diaphonous, delicate robes, tops and skirts
~ Made to measure corsets and beautiful basques
~ Victorian neck ruffs and high-neck blouses
~ Vintage style lingerie and dresses
~ A red and a green ball gown
~ Volumous multi-layered skirts
~ Historic / medieval inspired dresses
~ Grecian style dresses and jewellery
~ Bohemian outfits (colours, texture, gypsy, jewellery)
~ A range of headdresses – golden gothic halo, large floral garlands and crowns.
~ Quirky futuristic clothing
~ Contemporary shirts, suit tops and lingerie
~ Lots of huge lengths of organza, tulle and silk fabrics – in gold, bronze, purple, crimson, green, blue, dark lace, cream, pink and sequinned.
~ More props… Large ornate fan, candelabra, venetian masks, vases, pampas grass, dried flowers, lanterns, candles, old suitcase, silver hand mirror, vintage hairbrush, old books, vintage parasol, ballet slippers, wall mirror, large intricate keys, old green glass bottles, animal skulls in bell-jars and other curios.


Terms and Conditions

– Securing a date with a deposit acts as a confirmation and commitment to the shoot with me, and this payment is non-refundable. If you urgently need to postpone due to unavoidable circumstances – I will hold on to the deposit and we will reschedule at the next convenient date for us both. In the unlikely event I have to postpone due to unavoidable circumstances, I will offer to reschedule the session or refund you if no future date suits.
– The copyright of the images will belong to the photographer.
– You are free to use the images in your portfolio, social media, personal publications and competitions. I’m happy to sign a model release where needed and for further permissions, please email this in advance for me to review.
– I ask photographers to please make it clear (where possible) when publishing to their portfolio or on social media, that the image was taken remotely. It can be mentioned in the caption, post, or as a #remotephotoshoot hashtag.
– I ask that the images we take are not added to any adult orientated pay-site / members site, patreon or onlyfans. In some cases where content is strictly artistic, I may give permission, but please check with me first.
– I reserve the right to remove any shots that may be accidentally too revealing before sending the files via Dropbox.
– No recordings of the screen-share or video call should be made (please let me know if you wish to capture a screenshot for a blog or post).


Upcoming Availability (Times in GMT – London, UK)

Please enquire for further dates


That’s it! I will continue to update this page with new backdrops, pictures and info. If there’s anything you would still like to know – please don’t hesitate to ask.

Contact me for my rates and to plan your remote session –
I look forward to connecting with you.

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