Once Upon a Summer Day

  • I am attracted to the tree photos. The story seems to be the spirit of the forest mourning the death of her tree. The torn roots are given the same importance as the gorgeous maiden. Photos should tell a story, no matter how brief. That’s how I look at them.

  • I love your story U.P! Thank you for your reflections 🙂

  • Lovely as ever Holly 🙂

  • Gorgeous. Your posing ability is amazing, and is obviously the result of many years of experience and hard hard. Thank you for sharing your beautiful body and amazing talent with us.

  • I’ve always found green to be a difficult colour to photograph, especially when it comes to trees. Green seems to be the colour that produces the least emotional reaction, perhaps because its the colour of our natural environment, its what we evolved in. We feel relaxed when we see it, but it never provokes strong feelings. But stick another contrasting colour in there and suddenly it gets your attention. Maybe its a predator, and the only way to survive is to learn to react quickly to a clash of colours. Maybe its food in the depths of winter. Is this primitive instinct, stimulated in a secure environment, the source in our minds of the beauty of these images?

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