Fine Art Awards

FAPA Grand Prize won by Jaime Travezan & David Tortora

Moving Picture Company

Ivory Flame featured in the innovative collaboration between MPC Advertising and artists Rob & Nick Carter, turning classic paintings into live 3D animations using green screen and 4K technology.

TEFAF Talks - Transforming the Nude

See the living & breathing digital painting by Rob & Nick Carter, inspired by Giorgione's Sleeping Venus, recreated with cutting edge technology and displayed at The Fine Art Society, London.

Conor Harrington Installation Film

Featuring in Conor Harrington's 'Eat and Delete' short film directed by Andrew Telling, which was exclusively screened alongside painted art works at his debut New York solo show.

Making of 'Holly' - Louis Smith Art

Classically trained artist Louis Smith shows how he created the 12ft high portrait entitled 'Holly', which won second prize in the BP Portrait Awards 2011.
'Narrative portraiture' is a style of painting showcasing historical and dramatic settings used for anicent nobels, who would commission paintings depicting themselves as educated scholars, warrior type figures, athletes or mythological figures. Typicaly idealised in the nude or some state of undress, the culture celebrated the human form as a higher aesthetic.

Guardian Feature - National Portrait Awards 2011

'Louis Smith's Holly, is by far the most memorable thing on the short list for this year's BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery. I can say this because I am a judge of this year's prize, and after looking at all 2,372 entries, this was the only one that stayed with me.'

Irish Central

A new article with stock photo of me by Photocall Ireland

Making Of 'Vrksasana'

Check out the stunning 'Making Of' video for the first in the Pranada Amrita Series by digital artist Eithne Ni Anluain

Artwork by Tina Spratt

Beautiful paintings by artist Tina Spratt, glimpsing simple everyday intimacy.

A Day in the Studio - 3D artist Jeff Robb

Behind the scenes video showing the make-up, sets and technical equipment involved in 3D photography

Bareskin Beauty

Since being introduced to Bareskin Beauty in 2012, it swiftly became my favourite natural, ethical skincare brand, and I love using their products on a daily basis, for nourished & rejuventated skin.
I went on to proudly model for their new website! Take a look for more information on their wonderful range of nutrient rich, heavenly scented 'skin food' ♥

Modelling for Sparklewren Bespoke Corsetry

'Autumnal tones in silk chiffon, georgette and satin wrap around this corset, contrasting against the hard ice-like sparkle of Swarovski crystals. Such embellishments emphasise an hourglass silhouette, supremely flattering and elegant.'

The Palms - Behind the Scenes Video with Drew Gardner

'Readers of this blog will know I LOVE a challenge. So in the depths of an English Winter I decided to shoot an Infra Red ‘Rainforest’ type shoot with an ‘Eden’ vibe. Where to do it?
I hear Cape Verde is a great location but budget prevailed and I had to come up with an alternative. So I came up with a green house somewhere in England...'

Sunset Video by Pierus

'The perfect combination of a stunning sunset, tide just starting to come in, amazing location, and most importantly, a beautiful and talented model.'

The Box - Eric Kellerman

A brilliant creation of a photographer I have worked with many times! 'The Box: A typology of poses in a confined space' - available from Galerie Vevais

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