Heavenly Creatures

  • Wonderful dynamic – beautiful work by you all 🙂 xxx

  • Love number 4 so classic and number 10 feels charming and relaxing, and rest are beautiful :-)x

  • These are fantastic!!…just stunning 🙂

  • Johan Verhulst

    Great that you & Raph connect so well, she’s lovely!

  • The first and last ones are probably the most interesting. Although it depicts an unquestionably erotic scenario, it comes across as expressing complete innocence and natural beauty, making it feel so much fresher and engaging than it could have been.

  • What dynamic poses! I love the balletic ones in the middle of the piece! And the lighting is so dreamy!

  • Always trying to “figure them out” as I do, I notice the lack of eye contact and emotional interaction between the two heavenly creatures. Now, that may sound like a negative unless the second heavenly creature is only there in thought or fantasy. I wonder……..
    (thanks for letting me blah blah blah)

  • My two favourite (art nude) models together… that’s great. Wonderful results.. that we can see in the pictures

  • thedeedar

    Awesome images you look so natural together.The poses are superb.

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